Problem Solving, Inquiry, and Innovation

EiE is a project of the National Center for Technilogical Literacy (NCTL), established by the Museum of Science, Boston. EiE promotes elementary-student learning of engineering and technology while helping educators enhance their own understanding of engineering concepts and pedagogy.

The Imaginarium Science Center is proud to be an endorsed partner of the Engineering is Elementary Program!


About EiE Teacher Education

Engineering is often an entirely new discipline for elementary school teachers. To foster understanding of the engineering design process, EiE offers workshops and resources for elementary school educators.


These sessions introduce teachers to broad engineering concepts and skills, review the structure and philosophy shaping EiE curricular materials, engage participants in EiE activties, and foster reflection about appropriate instructional strategies.

The goals are two-fold: to increase elementary school educators' abilities to teach engineering and technology and to modify educational systems to include engineering at the elementary school level.

Public & Custom Workshops

The Imaginarium EiE Educator Institute hosts workshops in our facility and offers custom workshops that travel to your location.

Everyone Engineers! Workshops allow participants to explore introductory engineering and technology activities and become familiar with EiE units. Imaginarium EiE staff will work with you to tailor individual sessions for your school, district, or organization. The workshops engage participants in hands-on introductory activities that provide foundational knowledge of technology and engineering-vital to a teacher's ability to bring these concepts to life.


For more information about EiE or to inquire about a workshop, please contact Anji McStravic,

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