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The Imaginarium Science Center would LOVE to host your next Family Night!

The Imaginarium Science Center is now offering Family Science Nights!  Your reservation of a Family Night will include the Imaginarium Science Center coming to YOUR SCHOOL with the following:

  • 9-11 stations with engaging and educational activities!
  • Two hours of fun and family learning for your students and their families!
  • Training for your staff and volunteers (15-20 required) by a professional museum educator!
  • Simple instructions designed to ease your staff and volunteers through the night!
  • Take-home activities and prizes for your students and their families!

We now offer four topics to choose from! Book one for each quarter!

Choose between 'STEM', 'NanoScience', 'Be Healthy', and 'Be SMART' for your innovative, engaging, and educational family learning experience for your school.  Reserve now and let us help you organize a night to remember!


Family Night: 9 hands-on exploration stations engaging students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math!


9 hands-on exploration stations allowing students to discover the smallest science in a BIG way! From creating a circuit to discovering mystery shapes, students will Zoom into Nano!

Be Healthy:

10 hands-on exploration stations demonstrating proper health and nutrition practices, while exploring the science behind making good choices!

Be S.M.A.R.T.:

11 hands-on exploration stations exposing students to the interdisciplinary and cross-cutting concepts of  science, math, art and related technologies! 

Drawing for a FREE  Imaginarium Annual Family Membership at every family night!


Cost for Imaginarium Family Night: $600

Wondering what it's like?  Here's a sample Family Night Breakdown:

3:30pm               Imaginarium Staff Member arrives at school for setup.  School provides 10-12 tables in a large area i.e. gym or cafeteria where Imaginarium Staff Member will set up 9 booths with activities

4:45pm               15-20 teachers/volunteers provided by the school arrive for training.  Imaginarium Staff Member trains each teacher/volunteer on their station and provides them with a guide to help with key points/troubleshooting/answers to frequently asked questions at their station

5:30pm               Family Night Begins!

5:30pm-7:30pm   Students and families circulate through the stations on their own.  Imaginarium Staff Member circulates for troubleshooting and tough questions

7:30pm               Family Night concludes!

7:30pm-7:45pm   Teachers/Volunteers assist with a quick and easy cleanup of station materials

Submit a Family Night Request!

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